Our Company DNA is based on Smart thinking outside the box and with the main focus on:

  • Develop the best Ideas and Listening to the market to adapt   

  • Innovative by nature and implement Ingenuity Engineering     

  • Sustainability ambitions 

  • Tailor-made and cost Efficient Solutions 

  • Customer satisfaction is our road to success

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In November 2015, the founder of OFFSHORETRONIC S.L. associated and teamed up with an series of Offshore and Marine industry veterans that have extensive experience and knowledge in operating specialised Offshore Installation and Drilling Vessels. The day-by-day management team was build up by 3 fulltime associated partners with over 30 Years of experience within the Offshore and Marine industry and held senior positions at some of the largest companies within the Industry. The management team has been supported by 4 part-time senior advisory board members with over 40 Years of experience and held senior management positions at some of the largest companies within the Oil & Gas and Marine industry.


With a cut-edge European know-how in engineering, global network and worldwide experience, OFFSHORETRONIC was committed to work out tailor-made plan that will meet the new demand in Heavy lifting based on each individual project requirements and to deliver values for our customers. With aforementioned advantages, we were confident to become the ideal partner for our customers in offshore project development and deliver a Low Cost and High Quality solutions for the fast growing Offshore-wind and DECOM markets.

In May 2019, OFFSHORETRONIC S.L. Officially Shelved further development of the Installation Vessels,           

SUSTAINABLE INSTALLER  I & II. The main reason for this unfortunately decision was the high influx of New- Build Vessels on the market and the lack of Financial resources to enter the next level with our Vessel Conversion project. Additional to the influx of New Build Vessels, One Major Offshore Contractor copied our principal ideas of utilising a distressed 5th Generation Offshore Drilling Vessel for conversion into Offshore Installation Vessel and has started currently their own Vessel conversion project confirming that the OFFSHORETRONIC S.L. ideas are a smart and cost effective solutions to develop and construct a High-end Vessel for the Offshore-wind and DECOM markets.

If you are interested in our projects or like to receive more information drop us a Email at, info@offshoretrnic.com

OFFSHORETRONIC S.L. is still owing all PROPRIETARY RIGHTS INVOLVED to our in house develop tailor made Conversion project. All Design and Engineering Data and all accompanying informations remain the property of OFFSHORETRONIC S.L. 

Therefore, all rights  in proprietary and novel feature of the subject matter are expressly reserved by OFFSHORETRONIC S.L. 

Offshoretronic  S.L has registered all their Design and Engineering Data and all accompanying informations at the international offices for intellectual Property in Luxembourg and Switzerland.









In 2014 New and Smart thinking were needed to lower the cost of Offshore Wind and Oil & Gas Decommissioning.

OFFSHORETRONIC has developed a game-changing and unique business model allowing for large cost savings.

The new designed Offshore installation Vessel and new Installation method will have up to 40% faster installation time compared to the older & traditional Jackup Wind Turbine installation Vessels. By implementing smart innovations and usage of Autonomous Dual Crane operations and integrated fast Ballast systems we believe we can safe up to 15% operational time compare to the Monohull vessel presently coming on the market with Single Heavy lift Crane. 

The SUSTAINABLE INSTALLER I & II Vessels will be able to perform the installation of all types of Offshore Wind Foundations and Turbine Parts and carry all the required tools on-board the Vessels.

The Vessels are an excellent platform for Oil & Gas Construction and Decommissioning work and can easily deployed world wide. The Vessels will have a larger Main Deck and Lifting capacity than any other competitor within the Offshore Wind and Oil & Gas  De-commissioning MID-segments.


Designed to meet the new demand:

The unique Vessel is entirely designed and outfitted to Lift and Transport the next generation Wind foundations:

–large size XL and XXL Mono Pile foundations up to 120 m long and max. 12 m diameter and weights up to 3000 mt

–large size jackets or tripod foundations up to 2500 mt – 80 m high and with 40m footprint.

–De-commissioning and removal of MID-size platforms and subsea structures in tandem lifting mode up to 4500 mt. 






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